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For 2016, NWIPA will be offering basic kayaking and canoeing classes, along with a sea kayak rescue clinic. Classes are taught by our own experienced ACA certified instructors. Our teaching staff includes Maggie Byrne, Gayle MacBride, Dan Plath, and Rebecca Merz.

These classes are perfect for beginners or those paddlers who have never had formal instruction.  Even if you have been paddling for years, you will definitely learn some valuable skills if you have never before taken a paddling class. Cost is $50, or $35 for Full NWIPA Members .

For further information about any of these classes, please email us at nwipa@nwipa.org

Introduction to Kayaking - This 3-hour class is apprpriate for all types of kayaks, whether it's a whitewater kayak, sea kayak, sit-on-top kayak, or recreational kayak. Participants will learn about basic kayaking safety, boat types and features, and basic kayaking strokes. Much of the class time will be spent on the water. If you are considering buying a kayak, this class will teach you how to choose the right boat for you. A kayak, life vest, and paddle can be supplied upon request.

All Intro to Kayaking classes will be held at Robinson Lake in Hobart IN. Map…

Up to 10 students can be accommodated in each class, with a minimum of 3.

2016 Class Dates:

Sunday, June 12, 9am-noon - Filled

Sunday, June 26, 9am-noon - Filled

Saturday, July 23, 3pm-6pm - Filled

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NEW! Introduction to Canoeing - Due to popular demand, NWIPA is proud to announce that we have added an Intro to Canoeing Class to our Paddling Education schedule for 2016. Taught by our own American Canoe Association(ACA) Instructors , the on water class will focus on the fundamentals  of canoeing.  This is a great class for novice canoe paddlers.

Up to 8 students can be accommodated in each class, with a minimum of 3.

2016 Class Dates:

Sunday, August 7, 9am-noon

Sea Kayak Rescues and Stroke Refinement - The majority of this class will be spent on and IN the water, so plan to spend an exhilarating day of swimming, and climbing into and out of your kayak. With sprayskirts, participants will learn and practice how to get out and from under a capsized kayak, otherwise known as the "wet exit." Assisted re-entry of the kayak, or "T" rescues will be taught and practiced. There will be a review of the forward stroke, in order to refine the paddler's ability to use this most-used skill properly and efficiently. Many of the strokes taught during the Intro class will be reviewed, and depending on the time available, some new strokes will be taught. The pre-requisite for this class is Introduction to Kayaking.

NOTE: This clinic is for kayakers who have true sea kayaks -- boats with dual watertight bulkheads, and are at least 13 feet long.  Please do not sign up for this class if your boat does not fit this description.

Up to 8 students can be accommodated in each class, with a minimum of 3.

2016 Class Dates:

Sunday, July 24, 9am-noon - Filled

Choose your session from the form below, your NWIPA membership status, and click submit to link to the NWIPA PayPal payment page to reserve your place. Classes sizes are limited as noted above, and our minimum will be 3. If a class is filled , or must be canceled we will contact you to give the choice of another session or a refund.

For more information email: nwipa@nwipa.org

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